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For 1 Ethereum

1st place 0.6 ETH
2nd place 0.3 ETH
3rd place 0.1 ETH

Tournament is now in progress. See the live results at


  • ·2 stage tournament. Starting with a group stage, top 4 players from each group continuing into double-elimination final stage.
  • ·Group stage is best of 1, final stage is best of 3. Finals are best of 5.
  • ·All games are played via the "challenge a friend" option when starting a new game
  • ·Draws are possible in a group stage. In other games, the first drawed game will be repeated. In case of a draw in a repeated game, whoever has more total energy at the end of the game wins.


Sep 14 Group-stage round 1
Sep 15 Group-stage round 2 and 3
Sep 16 Break
Sep 17 Group-stage round 4 and 5

16 top players continue to double-elimination tournament

Sep 18 Round 1
Sep 19 Round 2 + LB (Lower Bracket) Round 1
Sep 20 Round 3 + LB Round 2
Sep 21 LB Round 3
Sep 22 Semifinals + LB Round 4
Sep 23 LB Round 5
Sep 24 LB Finals
Sep 25 Break
Sep 26 Finals

It's preferred that the 2 players agree between themselves on the time of the match. If that can't be agreed – the official game times are 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM (GMT). Both players need to select at least 3 of these times as possible for playing to ensure the match can happen. The first player listed in the match (on is responsible for initiating the conversation and creating the challenge.


  • ·You need a account and a Discord account (for tournament-related communication on our Discord server)
  • ·You need to own an Ethereum wallet (so that we can transfer the prize there)
  • 1Can I play my game in advance if my opponent agrees?
  • Yes, but only in the group stage.

  • 2Do I need to play with the same shape I qualified with?
  • No, you can choose whichever shape you want before every game.

  • 3What if there is a game breaking bug?

    This will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The organizers reserver the right to change/influence anything anytime.

  • 4When will I receive the prize?
  • Within 10 days after the tournament's end.